The Secret Skincare

The Secret utilises 14 base formulations and each offer an array of benefits to the skin. The prescription and hand-made nature of these formulations means our doctors have the ability to customise where required for patients. When ordering The Secret, you are ordering a product that has been specially curated, for you.

What is The Secret Skincare?

A simple, yet effective, regime. No need for endless jars and tubes around the house with a variety of unfulfilled skin promises. We combine multiple, medically-proven ingredients into simple day and night formulas with the aim to create healthy skin functioning in optimal condition.

The Secret isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and norms of the skincare industry, especially if science shows there is a better way. What people need from their skincare is results. Science has the solution. The Secret delivers it to them.

The nature of our skincare does not allow our relationship to just simply end after a patient has received their product. Unlike any skincare company before, when you purchase our products, you are also receiving a service. Support, education and trust build the foundations of all of our patient relationships. We know it’s a journey to healthy skin and we will be with you every step of the way.

We don't need to tell you about the negative impacts over-consumption in the beauty industry has had on the environment. It is essential to us that the footprint we leave behind is a positive one, not only on the skin of our patients but on the planet. Sustainability is considered in each and every one of our decisions, from our minimalistic regimes, through to our packaging and processes.

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