Facials are good for the skin as they improve it's health. Deep cleansing and exfoliation allows for a greater cell turnover, resulting in softer, more even skin that is less prone to breakouts and shows fewer signs of ageing.

Facials can benefit scarring, wrinkles and crinkles and even improve deep hyperpigmentation. Soothing steps can be added to reduce redness for sensitive skin too.

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Microdermabrasion Facial
45 min | $110 - $129

Say HELLO! to fresher, smoother skin, a clearer and brighter complexion and oh, sooo soft! Exfoliate and renew your skin with this skin makeover sure to make you feel yourself again. Double cleanse, fruit enzyme exfoliation, microdermabrasion, decadent shoulder, neck, face, and head massage, Probiotic Mask, personalised serum application and moisturise to make you GLOW again!

Mini Microdermabrasion
30 min | $79 - $89

Need a good boost but just don’t have the time? Mini micro is for you! Double cleanse, microdermabrasion, serum and moisturise.

Ultimate Glow Facial
1 hour | $149 - $169

Submerge yourself in the ultimate relaxation facial using Aspect Dr. Cosmecuticals- Double cleanse under steam, fruit enzyme peel, extractions, tailored serum & infusion, hydrojelly peel-off mask, lymphatic drainage face shoulder, neck & head massage, personalised serum and sunscreen.

Mini Glow
30 min | $79 - $89

Double cleanse and exfoliation under steam, hydrojelly mask, decedent hand, arm and head massage. Finish with personalised serum application and SPF50+ or moisturiser.

Medi-Spa Facial
45 min | $129 - $149

Using Aspect Dr cosmeceuticals we can deliver results while still having a relaxing experience. Double cleanse, fruit enzyme mask, lactic peel, decadent shoulder dec and facial lymphatic drainage massage, Probiotic mask and pressure point head massage. Leaving with bright, glowing skin.

45 min | $169

A gentle yet effective treatment that exfoliates and removes any superficial hair and dead skin cells. Including a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, and hydrating mask to finish.
This treatment can help reduce the appearance of acne scars or pitted skin. Some people get dermaplaning to remove unwanted hair