Thinking about getting a Lip Flip?

Thinking about getting a Lip Flip?

Q. What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip involves injecting anti wrinkle along the lip line to "flip" the lip muscle out, creating more red lip show and a subtle enhancement to your top lip.

Q. How does a Lip Flip Work?

Neuromodulators relax the muscle, and by relaxing the muscle that tends to curl in when we smile, it helps to evert the lip creating the illusion that the lip is bigger without adding any volume. Your injector will use 4-6 units of dysport or botox along the top line of your lip muscle.

Q. Is a Lip Flip the same as filler?

Nope! The end result of both treatments do enhance the appearance of your the lip, but they involve two different methods. Filler involves a gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid which adds volume to make them bigger. A lip flip relaxes the muscle with neuromodulators to create a more subtle, everted lip that creates the appearance of a larger lip, without adding volume.

Q. Should I get a Lip Flip or lip filler?

If you find that your upper lip disappears when you smile or you want a subtle enhancement, then a lip flip will be a great option for you! If you are looking for more volume and hydration then lip filler will be the best option.

Pro Tip: You can combine both treatments for the ultimate lip enhancement! 

Q. What should I expect from a Lip Flip?

Once the lip muscle is relaxed a few things might feel a bit different for some people. Normal things such as sipping through a straw, saying certain words, brushing your teeth, or sipping a glass of wine might feel different! Understand that that is NORMAL. Since we are used to creating a tight seal with our lips - it is now in a more relaxed state. Some don't experience this and while some do, they don't mind at all and love the results!

Q. How long does a Lip Flip last?

A lip flip will last around 2-3 months. Lip filler will last anywhere from 6-12 months. The good thing about a lip flip is that if you don't like it - it will wear off!

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