Lip flip or lip filler, which is more effective?

Lip flip or lip filler, which is more effective?

Lip flip and lip filler procedures can help restore the beauty of your lips.  Lip flips and lip fillers are totally different procedures, so you need to know the difference between the procedures to get the desirable results. The lip filler procedure is recommended if you want to augment the size of the lips and can also change their shape, providing fuller luscious lips.


What is a lip flip?

A Lip flip is a procedure in which cosmetic injections of anti-wrinkle are used on the lips. These injections can relax the nerves of orbicularis muscles which are in the upper lip. The procedure allows the upper lip to ‘flip’ outward and provide fullness. The procedure is best for you if your upper lip is smaller than your lower. A Lip flip is helpful to reduce a gummy smile.

Lip Flip Procedure:

2 to 3 days before the procedure you need to avoid drinking alcohol or taking blood thinner. The procedure takes no longer than 10 minutes. Usually, the injecting nurse will not use anaesthesia because the procedure is not painful. The nurse injects the substance to relax the muscle and create the flip effect.

Pros of Lip Flip:

  • A Lip flip procedure is a safe and minimally invasive procedure for lip enhancement

  • The procedure is effective for those who have gummy smiles

  • A Lip flip can take up to 10 minutes, so the procedure is quick and simple

  • The treatment is less costly as compared with lip filler

  • There is no downtime after the lip flip procedure, so you can start your normal routine after the completion of the treatment

  • You can see the significant results within 1 to 2 days and can lasts up to 8 to 12 weeks

What is the downtime?

There is no real recovery period with a lip flip. Once the appointment is over, you'll be able to return to your routine immediately. Note that there may be some minor swelling immediately after the injection, but this usually resolves within a few hours or a day at the most.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Lip flip results are not permanent and last up to 2 to 3 months. When you notice that your lip flip results are wearing off, you should consult your injector. You need a touch-up treatment to maintain the results.


What Is a Lip Filler?

Lip fillers are injections with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally formed in our body that can be helpful to provide volume and restore moisture to the skin. Fillers are injected into the Vermillion border of the lip to increase volume. It can be an effective procedure to get soft, poutier, and fuller lips. Lip filler also fills in the lines around the lips to smooth the appearance of the skin.

Lip Filler Procedure:

During the lip filler procedure, the nurse injector may apply topical anaesthesia to numb your lips. The procedure may take at least 30 minutes. The injector may use thin needles to inject the hyaluronic acid filler into the lips. Lip filler can be injected in all areas of lips including vermillion border, corners of your mouth, and Cupid’s bow. During this process, you do not feel any pain but you might experience a pinching sensation. The injector might also apply ice packs during the process to minimise the swelling and bruising.

Pros of Lip Filler:

  • Lip filler can provide longer-lasting results – up to one year
  • The chances of allergic reactions are very low
  • You can notice the results of lip fillers immediately
  • Fillers can be helpful to make your lips plumper and smooth the lines around the lips
  • The treatment has minimal downtime
  • The lip volume depends on how much hyaluronic acid gel is injected into your lips and can be controlled by your injector

What are the side effects?

It is important that you are aware of a few possible side effects from lip injections, including:

Swelling After Lip Fillers – Totally Normal

The most common side effect of having lip fillers is swelling of the lips. 

Your lips may look swollen and much larger than you expected. Don’t panic. Swelling after lip fillers is totally normal. Usually, this will go away within just a few days.

Wondering how to reduce swelling after lip injections? If your lips are very swollen, you can use an ice pack to help reduce swelling and discomfort, if present.

Make sure you only apply ice for about 10 minutes at a time, though, to avoid damaging your tissue with too much cold.

Bruising After Lip Fillers – What To Do

Lip filler bruising is another normal side effect of the treatment. It’s normal, and any discomfort should subside within a few days.

Again, icing can help with this discomfort, as can over-the-counter pain medication. It may take up to 2 weeks for the bruise to completely disappear.

Note, however, that bruising or pain outside of your lip area is not normal. If you experience serious bruising or pain outside your lips, call your clinic for a consultation immediately.

Lumps After Lip Fillers – A Temporary Problem

Bumps and lumps after lip fillers are another common side effect of treatment, caused by an uneven distribution of the filler.

As time goes on, the filler will continue to spread throughout your lip tissue, and these lumps will go away.

If you continue to have lumps after 2 weeks, though, you may want to contact your clinic for a follow-up to correct the issue.

Remember, these side effects are very minor and will not last long. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

You can see immediate results after lip filler treatment. The results will last up to one year and you can talk to your surgeon about the touch-up procedure.


Comparing the Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler

Now that we know what each procedure involves and what to expect, you may still be wondering which strategy is better when it comes to your lip augmentation. Compare your goal and desired upkeep with the list of benefits below to gain more insight into which enhancement method is the right one for you.

Lip Flip

  • Anti wrinkle is injected
  • Lasts 8-12 weeks
  • Subtly enhances the appearance of the upper lip
  • Gives you control over your lip shape

Lip Filler

  • Dermal filler is injected
  • Can last up to a year
  • Customizable volume increase of the lips

Combination of Lip Flip and Lip Filler:

If you want to enhance the volume and control the shape of your lips, then you can combine both lip flip as well as lip filler procedures. The combination procedure can give the best and most desirable results. During this process, the lip flip can define the shape of your Cupid’s bow while lip filler can enhance the volume of the lips.

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